T12s Asset Tag

Bi-directional, tamper-resistant, ultrasound Wi-Fi tag for Asset Management

Securitas Healthcare's T12s Asset Management tag facing right
Securitas Healthcare's T12s Asset Management tag open with battery out
Securitas Healthcare's T12s Asset Management badge attached to the back of a wheelchair.

Flexible and Easy to Maintain Wi-Fi Tag

The T12s Tag leverages Wi-Fi to track a variety of critical assets and mobile medical equipment including infusion pumps, specialty beds, wheelchairs, supply carts and more, while incorporating advanced features and easy battery replacement – now including the option of ultrasound as well.


Track Valuable Assets in Real-Time

Designed for versatility, the T12s Tag can be attached to a wide variety of items to gain real-time visibility to their location across the enterprise.

Ease of Maintenance 

With bi-directional capabilities, configuration and firmware upgrades can be applied "over the air" from MobileView to simplify updates and remove the need for manual collection efforts in the field.

Versatile Use Cases

In addition to asset locating, The T12s Tag with ultrasound capabilities can enable shrinkage alerts, call button alerting for maintenance notifications, and more.

Simple and Long-Lasting Battery

The T12s Tag has a replaceable, commercially available battery that provides up to 2 years of battery life and is easily accessible by opening the battery door on the side of the tag. 

Flexible Deployment Options 

The T12s Tag’s small and rugged design allows it to be attached to a variety of medical equipment such as infusion pumps, defibrillators and portable X-Ray equipment. 

Advanced Tamper-Proofing  

An advanced tamper mechanism allows for proactive alerting when the T12s Tag is removed from monitored equipment.  

Now with optional ultrasound capabilities! 

The T12s Tag can be used for PAR level management, egress point detection, and more. Assets are accurately tracked in real-time, facilitating inventory control, rental management, and efficient preventive maintenance and recall management.