Arial Emergency Call and Nurse Call

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Discover the most comprehensive and powerful solution for emergency call and nurse call. Elevate resident safety and experience. Put actionable information in the hands of caregivers. And gain new levels of insight into your performance.

Arial is a centralized safety and security solution with the widest range of reliable emergency and nurse call systems. Arial empowers caregivers with better visibility into residents’ needs through a wide array of integrations and extensive alerting, notification and reporting capabilities.

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Independent Living, Assisted Living & Memory Care
Empower caregivers by effectively capturing, filtering and sharing information about resident needs - all with a UL 2560 certified solution.
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Skilled Nursing
Maximize resident safety with a traditional wired or wireless Nurse Call solution that meets UL 1069 or UL 2460 requirements

Elevate Resident Safety

Information at Caregivers Fingertips

Assure residents receive timely care with the use of Arial’s attractive personal pendant or call stations. Caregivers receive instant call alerts through the Arial Mobile Application, with voice or text communication for enhanced workflow and staff collaboration. Capture important care information directly in the app to analyze with Arial Insights. Actionable reports and dashboards provide key performance indicators such as response time and encounter duration, enabling a more detailed understanding of how you’re performing in both care delivery and operational efficiency.

Transform Emergency Call

Don’t let your existing emergency call system keep your caregivers in the dark. As a centralized safety and security solution, Arial offers a single notification source for multiple care solutions in your community. Receive WanderGuard BLUE and Foresite alarms in the event of a potential elopement or fall, plus alerts from core alarm systems such as fire panels, smoke alarms and environmental sensors.

The [Arial] product as a whole is better with every extra piece tied into it. The fact that everything interacts, communicates and comes together to give us the data that we need really improves our efficiency as a company.

Caregiver checking on senior living resident wearing Arial Wi-Fi pendant. Securitas Healthcare.