Arial Emergency Call and Nurse Call

Get complete control of your resident safety. Arial offers advanced capabilities to engage and empower caregivers, improve workflow and staff productivity, and improve the overall resident experience.

Elevate Resident Safety

Arial is a centralized safety and security solution with the widest range of reliable emergency and nurse call systems. All Arial solutions empower caregivers by providing better visibility into residents’ needs through a wide array of integrations and extensive alerting, notification and reporting capabilities.

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Caregiver helping a senior living resident with a cane walk down a hallway

Independent Living, Assisted Living & Memory Care

Engage and empower caregivers by effectively capturing, filtering and sharing information about resident needs.

Skilled Nursing

Maximize resident safety with a traditionally wired or wireless Nurse Call solution that meets UL 1069 or UL 2560 requirements.

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Arial integrates with a variety of safety and security systems for centralized alarm management and reporting tools.


Reimagine Resident Safety & Security: An E-Book for Senior Living Leaders

Resident safety and security are reimagined with the help of Arial’s centralized emergency call solution.

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Key Arial Components

Arial Mobile App

The Arial Mobile App empowers caregivers with better visibility to residents’ needs and faster, more efficient coordination—freeing up more time for high-quality interactions.

Arial Mobile App

Arial Pendants

Small, light and comfortable, the Arial Neck Pendant and Arial Wrist Pendant are welcome accessories for seniors in independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing communities.

Arial Pendants

Arial Wireless Call Station

The Arial Call Station is a wireless call device installed inside resident living areas as well as common areas. When a resident activates the Arial Call Station, a message is sent to the Arial solution for staff response. Available as UL 2560 and UL 1069.

Arial Wireless Call Station

Arial Insights Software

The Arial software provides a powerful safety and security solution for centralized management, notification and reporting of emergency call, nurse call, WanderGuard BLUE wander management and more.

Arial Insights Software

Information at Caregivers’ Fingertips

Arial solution empowers care providers with valuable insights into residents' care needs, offering real-time information on response times, alarm count, caregiver interactions, and encounter details, all easily accessible via the flexible Arial Web Client.

We have found the Arial App to be a big improvement on previous staff notification devices.

Transform Emergency Call

If your existing emergency call system is dragging down staff productivity and leaving your caregivers in the dark, it’s time to reimagine what’s possible. You may not think of your emergency call system as a part of your community’s appeal, but it is key to resident experience, staff morale and operational efficiency. With a centralized alarm and event management solution, caregivers only need one application to manage resident safety.

Centralized alarm management and reporting

Arial’s centralized management capabilities offer a single notification source for multiple care solutions, providing 360° visibility on resident needs. Pair emergency call with Securitas Healthcare’s next-gen technologies including WanderGuard BLUE wander management and Foresite fall management technology for the confidence that critical alerts will be received and actioned immediately. 

Innovative integrations

Integrate your Arial solution with a range of key technologies to promote comprehensive visibility and enhanced safety within your community. Direct integration with the industry-leading PointClickCare® EHR solution helps you make data-driven decisions and improve care planning. Arial also offers direct integration with core alarm systems such as fire panels, smoke alarms and environmental sensors to help you keep on top of safety at all times.

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UL Certified Emergency & Nurse Call

Emergency Call

An emergency call solution is a key component of any assisted living or independent living community. If your community requires or prefers a system that is UL 2560 certified, Arial has you covered. Arial's software interface is the same across all community types, but utilizes Wi-Fi or wireless systems depending on your community's needs.

Nurse Call

Whether seeking to meet UL 1069 requirements, UL 2560 requirements - or both - Arial offers flexible nurse call options to fit your skilled nursing facility's needs. Explore our wireless and hard-wired solutions to discover what's right for your facility.