Arial Nurse Call System – Wired or Wireless Options 

Increase visibility, simplify workflow, and improve caregiver experience with voice communication, mobile notifications and advanced reporting.


A Powerful Nurse Call Solution to Increase Operational Efficiency In Skilled Nursing Communities

Say goodbye to nurse call systems that lack functionality, flexibility and innovation.

Arial Nurse Call Systems serve as a centralized safety and health solution providing a single notification source for nurse call, fall detection, wander management, and other safety and environmental monitors.

Securitas Healthcare's Arial emergency and nurse call is a centralized safety and security solution

Discover Innovative Nurse Call System Features


Demand More From Your Nurse Call System

Arial solution empowers care providers with valuable insights into residents' care needs, offering real-time information on response times, alarm count, caregiver interactions, and encounter details, all easily accessible within Insights Software via the flexible Mobile App or Web Client.  

Securitas Healthcare's Arial emergency and nurse call solution interfaces on desktop computer, laptop and Arial mobile app

Data Informed Decisions

Provide more personalized care and make informed staffing decisions leveraging nurse call data

Single Interface with Innovative Integrations

Securitas Healthcare's Arial nurse call solution integrations

Featured Resource

Read how Riverside Lodge utilizes Arial and the solution’s direct integration with WanderGuard BLUE to simplify caregiver workflows, spend more time with residents and stay informed through insightful resident call and encounter data.


Riverside Lodge

“Any time we can save by automating routine tasks or streamlining administrative activities gives us more quality time to focus on caring for our residents.” – Melissa Miller, Executive Director, Riverside Lodge

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Key Arial Components

Arial Mobile App

The Arial Mobile App empowers caregivers with better visibility to residents’ needs and faster, more efficient coordination—freeing up more time for high-quality interactions.

Arial Mobile App

Arial Pendants

Small, light and comfortable, the Arial Neck Pendant and Arial Wrist Pendant are welcome accessories for seniors in independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing communities.

Arial Pendants

Arial Wireless Call Station

The Arial Call Station is a wireless call device installed inside resident living areas as well as common areas. When a resident activates the Arial Call Station, a message is sent to the Arial solution for staff response. Available as UL 2560 and UL 1069.

Arial Wireless Call Station

Arial Insights Software

The Arial software provides a powerful safety and security solution for centralized management, notification and reporting of emergency call, nurse call, WanderGuard BLUE wander management and more.

Arial Insights Software

"The product as a whole is better with every extra piece tied into it. The fact that everything interacts, communicates and comes together to give us the data we needed really improves our efficiency as a company."

"Arial keeps me informed about staff response times so we can stay well below the state requirements. We can easily see when our staff is busiest and when we should look at staff assignments. We're able to run reports seamlessly because all of our information is in one place."

"Communication is often the core challenge impeding quality resident care. More effectively capturing, filtering and sharing information about resident needs is an excellent way to improve response time and prioritize staff responses."


Arial Offers Flexible Nurse Call Options to Fit Your Community

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