Environmental Monitoring: Easier to Use than Ever… and at a Critical Time

Man checking asset status within Securitas Healthcare's MobileView Software Platform
Environmental Monitoring: Easier to Use than Ever… and at a Critical Time

Introducing our completely revamped Environmental Monitoring solution, with a new user experience to simplify temperature monitoring workflows and save users’ time.

In December 2020, the world embarked on an unprecedented vaccine rollout. The complexity of the logistics and coordination is massive. From every step of the cold chain to finally administering vaccines to patients, there have been challenges and many lessons learned. We are grateful to everyone involved—going above and beyond—to make our world a safer place. 
As we continue to help hospitals, clinics and universities simplify their management of temperature-sensitive storage areas, we wanted to share some essential knowledge that we’ve collected along the way – including customer feedback to guide professionals looking for a more efficient way to safeguard critical vials.  
We are also excited to share our new Environmental Monitoring solution with you, and how it’s helping our customers save valuable time and simplify their workflows.  

Current situation  

As the supply of COVID-19 vaccines continues to rapidly increase, healthcare systems need to expand their environmentally controlled storage capability to match. At the same time, regulatory guidance has become more complex and continues to evolve at a similar rapid pace. Combine these two factors, and you have a significant impact on the ability of healthcare systems to ensure they maintain proper temperature and environmental conditions for their stored material and spaces.   

CDC requirements and best practices 

In a previous post, we extracted and outlined key insights around the latest CDC information on meeting temperature monitoring requirements for COVID-19 vaccines storage.

So, what’s new? 

Our Environmental Monitoring solution has been completely redesigned with a new user experience to simplify temperature monitoring workflows and save users’ time. It has intuitive dashboards, rich graphical displays of sensor data, smart alerts, and easy access to corrective actions.  

  • Easy-to-understand dashboards showing all storage devices and room conditions in real-time;  

  • Quickly see the “health” of all assets on one dashboard, with drill down features and department filters;  

  • Manage alerts and complete corrective actions—all on one screen;  

  • Access the system on any browser-based application (PC or mobile device), giving users visibility to critical information anytime, anywhere;  

  • See historical data up to 5 years for trend analysis and easy compliance reporting; 

  • And, support for our latest generation of sensor tags: T15e probe-based temperature with door monitoring (real-time alert if door is left open) and T15h ambient temperature and humidity.  

We asked hospitals to share their experience with our wireless temperature monitoring system, including the T15e temperature tags (aka a digital data logger, DDL), which has been the trusted system for their organizations in this current situation and beyond. 

David Leadbetter, an Executive Director at Island Health Authority in British Columbia said, “The most comprehensive cold-chain monitoring and reporting system in the Province, if not Canada. Every single COVID vaccine storage location on the island—be it a fridge/freezer, or Ultra-low Temperature (ULT) in a Public Health Unit, a Mass Immunization Clinic, or a Pharmacy—is now wirelessly monitored 7/24 to ensure all vaccines and doses are held at the correct temperature with immediate reporting out via email or text if the temperature is close to out of range.” 

In the U.S., Mark Cornelius, Director of Clinical Engineering at TidalHealth Peninsula Regional shared, “The enhanced application simplifies our staff’s workflow for monitoring assets, alert management and corrective actions—all in one place—with built-in access to customizable analytics and reporting making regulatory compliance easy.” 

Looking for an easier way to monitor temperature, humidity and more? 

If you’re considering Securitas Healthcare, we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how our solution can simplify your environmental monitoring tasks and provide real-time visibility to your critical the assets. Not ready for a demo yet?  Explore our Environmental Monitoring solution online to learn about simple alert management, reporting capabilities, the T15e temperature tag, and the new T15h ambient temperature and humidity tag.       

For current customers: upgrade your software today! 

You MUST see the enhanced environmental monitoring application! We’ve given the UI a complete overhaul, made alert management a breeze, added built-in dashboards and expanded reporting up to 5 years.  We highly encourage you to schedule an upgrade to take advantage of this newest application (MobileView 5.5 or higher is required). Contact your Securitas Healthcare Client Executive for a demo.