MobileView Is Better Than Ever

Patient flow doctor and nurse looking at screen of patient locations. Securitas Healthcare.
MobileView Is Better Than Ever

MobileView 5.4 for the RTLS solutions offers expanded tracking and alerting capabilities, support for our next generation of T15e environmental monitoring tags and more.

We at Securitas Healthcare were excited to announce the recent software release of MobileView 5.4. The MobileView Software Platform drives our RTLS and Protection solutions, putting real-time information into the hands of caregivers to improve care and increase efficiency.  

MobileView 5.4 includes expanded tracking and alerting capabilities, support for our next generation of T15e environmental monitoring tags and includes many other functionality requests from customers. 

Three key enhancements include:   

  1. T15e temperature monitoring tag: A new generation of technology backs the essential features for virtually every temperature monitoring need into a single tag: integrated visual display with local alerts, 64K offline temperature reading storage, built-in contact sensor, VFC compliance, 24+ months battery life, and temperature ranges from -200°C to +140°C. The probe-based T15e can be used in any area of the hospital or off-campus locations, including pharmacy, laboratory, blood banks, surgical services, nutritional services, blanket warmers and more.
  2. Support for Bluetooth (BLE) device location from Cisco CMX (version 10.6 and above): Track even more with BLE.  With Cisco CMX software supporting intelligent location of BLE-enabled devices or tags, healthcare organizations can now track and monitor any assets using BLE in MobileView—with the same alerts, maps and reports available with active tags.
  3. Mobile Instant Notifier for Android: Now all the features of Mobile Instant Notifier for iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad®, are also available for Android:
    • View all pending and dismissed alerts
    • See full alert details for complete information
    • Access map view for faster response times
    • Quickly add corrective actions for regulatory requirements
    • Push notifications to receive alerts, even if the device is off site

For customers with an Instant Notifier license, begin accessing these features for your Android or Apple device today.  Simply download at Google Play Store and Apple App Store.  

These and other MobileView enhancements are available in the Software Release Notes (Article 2389) of our Support Portal.  Whether locating equipment, monitoring temperature conditions or protecting infants, the MobileView platform helps caregivers focus on value-added tasks—reinforcing our mission to offer solutions that empower caregivers.