Putting Foresite to Work Through Early Detection of Illness

Caregiver helping a senior living resident with a cane walk down a hallway
Putting Foresite to Work Through Early Detection of Illness

Foresite Daily Updates can help communities identify changes in a resident's health that could indicate onset of illness or need for extra precautions.


I wanted to share some important information for Foresite customers. We know how hard you and staff are working to keep your residents safe through the COVID-19 outbreak. We salute your service and we want to support you in any way possible.

Last week you started receiving Foresite Daily Updates. We have heard from some of you that they are helping you keep a “second set of eyes” on your residents under today’s difficult conditions.

A critical part in managing the COVID-19 crisis is rapid identification of onset of illness. Early detection of infection can keep residents separate and safe. Early warning of deteriorating health can help keep your residents from hospitalization. The Foresite Daily Updates are community-specific and intended to identify two groups of residents:

  • Residents with small changes in health that could be associated with symptoms of COVID-19, allowing you to do a quick assessment; and  
  • Residents with a recent health status that might require increased care if they were to contract COVID-19. This information can be used to help in your planning.

While these alerts do not offer diagnoses, they may help your planning and decision making as you care for your residents and strive to “flatten the curve.”

Foresite proactive health and predictive fall management is there to support your diagnosis and interventions. Advanced sensors and automated algorithms monitor your residents 24/7 and can point to very subtle changes in heart rate, respiratory rate, bed restlessness and other factors that are often early warnings of deteriorating health.

If you have any questions about these new reports or about Foresite’s standard health alerts, please contact [email protected].