Want to Improve Safety? Make Contact with the T5cs

Caregiver checking Securitas Healthcare's T5a temperature monitoring sensor.
Want to Improve Safety? Make Contact with the T5cs

Most environmental monitoring solutions alert you when conditions have already moved out of the safe range. What if you could be alerted as soon as something was wrong—well before any environmental conditions are compromised?

That could mean notification within minutes of a critical refrigerator or freezer being left open. It could also extend to instant notification when a vulnerable space begins to flood, when a critical access space is opened or when a smoke detector or motion sensor is activated.

Securitas Healthcare has turned “what if” into “here and now” with our wireless Contact Sensor Monitoring solution. The T5cs tag adds advanced contact, sensor and detector monitoring technology to our family of Wi-Fi tags.

The battery-powered T5cs tag supports any standard normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO) contacts. Connect it to a variety of contact sensors and detectors—from door and window contacts to motion sensors or smoke and flood detectors. When any NC sensor is left open or NO sensor is closed, those changes are routed through the MobileView visibility platform.

Within MobileView, event logic routes alerts to pre-defined groups or individuals. Alerts can be generated immediately or after a certain amount of time has passed (think: only when a refrigerator door stays open more than 60 seconds). If an alert isn’t addressed, MobileView can escalate the alert until it is dismissed by an authorized party. The system even makes it easy to record corrective actions to alerts—providing an audit trail to support subsequent review.

Securitas Healthcare T5cs contact sensor/universal transmitter.

Real-world Results

Customers are already taking advantage of the T5cs tag to provide visibility of critical events across their organizations. For example, a large teaching and research hospital in the Pacific Northwest has deployed flood detection sensors with the T5cs tags. The hospital now has a way to monitor multiple buildings prone to water intrusion during the rainy season—potentially avoiding millions of dollars in annual flood damage.

Here are more examples of how organizations are using our T5cs tags to safeguard critical assets:

  • Experimental Drug Refrigerators. Another customer installed T5cs tags to monitor access to refrigerators that store high-value experimental chemotherapy drugs. 
  • Cryogenic Freezers. A hospital has deployed the T5cs tag to monitor the open/closed state of its Reproductive Health Department’s cryogenic freezers and LN2 tanks, which contain irreplaceable human tissues.
  • Resident Morning Check-in. A senior living customer has deployed T5cs tags to relay data from passive infrared sensors (PIR) that indicate residents are out of bed in the morning. The tags have made it possible to automate what used to be a manual process for daily resident check-in. 
  • Fall Motion Detection. Most falls occur at night, when residents are trying to use the bathroom. So, another senior living organization is using connected PIR motion sensors to detect nighttime activity and movement.  When movement is detected, the system notifies caregivers so they can go help the resident. The ability to track times and frequency of nighttime bathroom usage also helps inform resident care planning.

As you can see, there are many ways to leverage the new T5cs Contact Sensor tag now available from Securitas Healthcare. How will YOUR organization turn “what if” into “here and now”? Share your thoughts and questions—and get in touch if you’d like more specific information for your healthcare organization.