Press Release

Securitas Healthcare Launches Cloud-Based IoT Monitoring Platform

Securitas Healthcare, a market leading provider of visibility and analytics solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced a new cloud-based solution for monitoring conditions in the environment of care. The Securitas Healthcare AeroScout® Links IoT platform integrates smart sensors over a cloud-based network to enable small hospitals, outpatient service providers, pharmacies and other organizations to easily monitor cold storage and other aspects of their operations that must be maintained at specific conditions for safe patient care.

“With this IoT platform, we saw an opportunity to make our expertise in real-time monitoring available to a wider range of healthcare organizations,” said Gabi Daniely, Vice President of Product Strategy & Business Development, Securitas Healthcare. “Monitoring different aspects of the environment of care is a requirement for many organizations along the care continuum, including critical access hospitals, outpatient service providers, physician groups, laboratories and pharmacies. Whether it’s storage conditions for pharmaceuticals or vaccines, differential pressure for isolation rooms or Compound Sterile Preparations (CSP), monitoring the status of CO tanks, or any of a number of other applications, these organizations need to monitor and record conditions on a regular basis. The IoT platform lets them do that easily and affordably.”

The IoT platform was developed based on Securitas Healthcare’s extensive experience with monitoring applications in healthcare; the company’s AeroScout® Real-time Location System is a leading solution for Environmental Monitoring in hospitals. The new platform combines features and services essential to the unique requirements of healthcare monitoring:

  • Designed for healthcare: The IoT platform is specifically made for healthcare applications, with measurement, notification and reporting options that support compliance. Calibration services are also available to recognized standards, such as those of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST);
  • Cost effective: The IoT platform offers a low total cost of ownership with minimal setup costs and a tiered monthly subscription. Healthcare organizations can immediately realize efficiency savings and avoid costly events such as the loss of items in a malfunctioning refrigeration unit;
  • Flexible and scalable: The platform is an effective solution for a wide range of organizations and many different monitoring needs. It supports multiple sensors and is scalable to cover everything from a handful of devices in one location to thousands of devices across multiple sites;
  • Secure: Securitas Healthcare employs best-in-class cloud services to ensure maximum data security, with High Availability and multi-tenant capabilities. In addition, Securitas Healthcare monitors the platform to proactively address issues;
  • Easy to implement and use: Setup and configuration of the solution is straightforward, and can be done by the customer or with the assistance of Securitas Healthcare’s authorized partners. For users, the mobile application has all the necessary tools to monitor and respond to events, including documenting corrective action.

The platform combines IoT-enabled sensors with a mobile application to receive alerts, see the status of devices and create compliance reports. A web-based Cloud Manager enables administrators to manage users and environments across multiple locations. The initial offering of the platform will support a range of temperature and humidity sensors, with differential pressure sensors and a contact closure device available shortly.