Arial Wi-Fi Call Stations

Wireless emergency call station for resident distress alerting and monitoring

Side view of the Arial Wi-Fi Call Station.
Arial call station shown being pressed to call for help in a Senior living community. Securitas Healthcare.
Arial Wi-Fi Emergency Call Station attached to the wall for easy resident distress alerting and monitoring.

Empower residents to quickly call for help

Trigger alarms to by pushing a call button, pulling a cord or a remotely deploying a push-button.

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Keep residents safe

Call stations are used to trigger alarms and for daily resident check-in with Arial Wi-Fi and Arial Wireless Nurse Call.

Leverage your Wi-Fi network 

The Wi-Fi Call Station is ideal for communities that have invested in Wi-Fi, allowing you to make the most of your existing infrastructure.

Multiple call activation options 

Alarms can be triggered by pressing a large call button, pulling a cord, or pressing an optional push-button cord.

Battery or external power

The Call Stations are powered by batteries or an optional 5V power adapter. The Call Station's battery level is constantly monitored, with low battery alerts displayed in the Arial software.

Moisture resistant (CS100MR model)

The CS100MR (Moisture Resistant) Wi-Fi Call Station version is suitable for high moisture and humid environments such as bathrooms.

Daily Check-In button

The Call Stations offer daily Check-In for residents to indicate that they are okay. An alert is generated by Arial if a Check-In is not received.