Foresite Sensors

Multiple sensors for multi-factor analysis of fall risk

Close-up of the Foresite Depth Sensor

Privacy-protecting no-touch sensors

The Foresite solution uses a variety of sensor technologies to gather a range of data on each individual.

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A comprehensive range of data on each individual

The Foresite solution uses three different sensor technologies to build a profile on the behavior of the individual and assess fall risk.

Bed sensor

The bed sensor monitors vital sign variance, such as heart rate and respiration, sleep restlessness and bed occupancy status. The Bed Sensor can also be used for bed occupancy, if pressure mapping is not required with the Pressure Map Monitor. 

Depth image sensor

Mounted high on the wall or on the ceiling, the depth image sensor captures motion in 3D. If the individual falls, Foresite generates an alert. For post analysis, depth images “show” what happened, yet do not use any video technology for privacy protection.

Motion sensor

Motion sensors are installed in different locations in the resident’s room to count motion, which is indicative of general activity level.

Pressure map monitor

This monitor in the shape of a fitted sheet works in combination with the depth image sensor to provide continuous fall-risk assessment and detect bed exits attempts. It also records the pressure of the patient’s skin against the sheet to calculate the probability of developing a pressure ulcer.