M210 Fall Monitoring System

Advanced fall management that meets your unique program needs with a new iOS Mobile Application.

Front view of Securitas Healthcare's M210 Fall Monitoring System
Securitas Healthcare's M210 Fall Monitor facing left.
Securitas Healthcare's M210 Fall Monitor facing right.
M210 fall management, fall monitor on a wheel chair. Securitas Healthcare
M210 fall management monitor attached to wheelchair with mobile app - Securitas Healthcare.

Take Your Fall Management Program to the Next Level

The M210 Fall Monitoring System is an enhanced version of our M200 fall monitors, trusted by healthcare facilities for over 20 years. This sleek and durable monitor has a new iOS mobile application and offers a single, easy-to-configure platform to cover the full range of fall monitor needs.


Supporting Safety and Individualized Care with Flexible Technology

Versatile fall monitoring technology to enhance existing fall management programs, empower caregivers and address individual care needs.

Convenient New Mobile Application

Streamline the deployment process and avoid the hassle of manual configuration with integrated BLE, NFC modules and the new Fall Management iOS app (available for download from the App Store®). Wireless communication enables fast monitoring detection, configuration and firmware updates eliminating the need to replace monitors every couple of years.

Independent Delay Settings

Individual monitoring needs vary by level of activity. Select a time delay setting (0, 1 or 2 seconds) to best protect each person in your care, help reduce false alarms and limit alarm fatigue.

Meet Many Needs with One Solution

There’s no need to purchase and maintain multiple solutions to meet the diverse needs of those in your care. With the M210, you can choose the delay times, tamper resistance and alert type settings that best support each person’s situation and care plan on a single product. The new M210 is also compatible with all M200 pads, accessories and mounting clips.

Multiple Configuration Options

The M210 Fall Monitoring System reduces the need to continually disconnect and reconnect pad cords. Caregivers can instead connect two pressure-sensitive pads to a single monitor (one on a bed, another on a side chair or wheelchair), enhancing safety while enabling caregivers to spend more time on high-value interactions with patients or residents.

Integration with Nurse Call Systems

The M210 can connect with virtually any nurse call or emergency call solution to become a valuable part of your fall management program.