RTLS BLE Gateway GW4000

Small, cable-free Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) Gateway plug with integrated power socket.

Front view of the RTLS BLE Gateway GW4000 outlet
RTLS BLE Gateway GW4000 outlet facing right
RTLS BLE Gateway GW4000 outlet facing left
Back view of the RTLS BLE Gateway GW4000 outlet

Increase Visibility of Your Critical Assets and Medical Equipment

The BLE Gateway GW4000 is a component of Securitas Healthcare’s BLE Platform. This lightweight cable-free BLE Gateway plug contains a BLE receiver that enables accurate real-time location tracking of assets, resources and medical equipment with Securitas Healthcare’s Asset Management solution.

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Leverage Advanced Technology to Create BLE Coverage

A low-cost solution to provide or augment BLE coverage in healthcare environments.

Enable BLE Asset Tracking

The GW4000 makes the Asset Management solution the right choice for any healthcare organization, regardless of current BLE network capabilities. The Gateway can be deployed in specific areas that lack BLE coverage, such as outlying buildings, floors or wings, or used to enhance an existing wireless local area network (WLAN) that supports BLE to augment coverage.


Compatible with Multiple BLE Devices
The Gateway GW4000 supports the location of third-party BLE devices, including the Securitas Healthcare T22 BLE Asset Tag and standard BLE tags from other vendors using standard iBeacon or EddyStone protocols. The GW400 can also be used together with our GW3000 and GW3100 Gateways for additional location tracking use cases.
Optimized for Real-Time Applications

The lightweight, cable-free BLE Gateway plug is equipped with a BLE receiver that receives and relays messages from BLE-enabled tags and devices to the Location Engine for precise location tracking. The GW400 also has an integrated power socket allowing additional devices to be connected.


Lower Cost and Fast Deployment
Securitas Healthcare’s plug-in BLE Gateway GW4000 is an economical choice, allowing healthcare facilities to utilize a BLE solution quicker in their BLE network rollout or supplement areas that may be delayed while taking advantage of inexpensive BLE tags.