UMP Sentry Monitor

Monitor at-risk individuals

Front view of the UMP Sentry Fall Monitor designed to support fall management programs
UMP Sentry Fall Monitor attached to a resident's headboard
Caregiver attaching UMP Sentry fall monitor to the back of a wheelchair

Support fall prevention

An effective and affordable fall management solution.

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Tamper-resistant design keeps residents safe

Support fall prevention programs with this easy-to-use monitor.

Bed, chair and floor mat compatible

Use the UMP Sentry to monitor individuals in a variety of settings. A visual indicator shows remaining life on the pad.

Optional wireless remote reset

Caregivers can reset the monitor remotely using a wireless reset device.

Low battery indicator

The monitor will alert you when it’s time to replace the single 9V battery. Alternatively, the UMP Sentry can be powered with an optional DC adapter. 

Secure, tamper-resistant design

The UMP Sentry has no off/on switch, ensuring that it can’t be powered off. Dual-button reset and hidden delay switches also discourage tampering.

Nurse call integration

Connect the monitor to a nurse call system for central monitoring and silent alarming.