WanderGuard BLUE Manager App

Tablet-based app for managing WanderGuard BLUE

Caregiving accessing the WanderGuard BLUE Manager app on their mobile device

Easy system configuration

Set up EX57000 Door Controllers, manage bracelets and control user profiles. 

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Fast, simple management

The WanderGuard BLUE Manager App stores settings for controllers, bracelets and users—supporting fast, easy configuration and updates.

Data at a glance

The app makes it easy to view data on bracelets and controllers. Simply scan for in-range devices to display device data.

Command and control

Use the app to trigger actions and comments to the controller. These may include Start/End Night Mode, Start/End Override, or Restart and Restore to default.

Easy controller configuration

Set up a controller with simple taps and swipes. The app makes it easy to copy and paste a configuration and apply it to another controller, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.

Secure user management

The WanderGuard BLUE Manager App stores up to 1000 users, allowing you to create and delete accounts as needed and quickly download the data to Door Controllers.