Asset Management Overview

T12s asset management tag attached to a ventilator. Securitas Healthcare.

The Securitas Healthcare Asset Management solution combines wireless asset tags and an enterprise RTLS platform to continuously monitor and proactively manage mobile assets across the enterprise.

Ready for a better way to locate and maintain IV pumps, hospital beds and other mobile assets?

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How It Works

The Securitas Healthcare Asset Management solution automates manual processes for managing capital and rental equipment – so staff can easily see the location and status of assets in real time.


Secure tags to valuable equipment for location visibility.


Tags communicate wirelessly with the MobileView® platform for automatic logging and monitoring of location and status.


Visual controls on PCs or mobile devices make it fast and easy to find assets and plan workflows.


Configurable, real-time alerts provide notification for any status or location change, such as IV pump replenishment requirements, shrinkage alerts or maintenance needs.


Transform asset data into powerful reporting to yield a better understanding of inventory levels, PAR Level performance and asset utilization.

Caregiver accessing Securitas Healthcare's MobileView Locator Mobile App on their phone

Why Securitas Healthcare for Asset Management?

“The Securitas Healthcare solutions are so important and easy to use that we made sure everyone at TidalHealth, including our CEO, has access to the applications.”

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