Hugs Infant Protection Solution Overview

Mon and Baby embracing with a kiss while the Hugs and Kisses infant protection bands are visible. Securitas Healthcare

Securitas Healthcare’s Hugs® Infant Protection solution is the #1 trusted infant security system worldwide. Each year it protects more than 2 million infants across nearly 1,800 hospitals.


Need infant security with enterprise coverage?

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Protect infants throughout your campus

Our Hugs Infant Protection solution offers the most advanced and secure protection from a single department to the entire hospital.

Each infant wears a Hugs tag that is attached to the ankle and is automatically enrolled in the system.

From that moment on, the infant is safeguarded throughout a hospital campus.

Hugs infant protection tag on a baby's ankle

How It Works

Why Securitas Healthcare for Infant Protection?

“Nobody wants to be called for a Code Pink. But if there were an event, you really need a system to be able to track the baby throughout the hospital. This is the direction everybody needs to go in.”