WanderGuard BLUE Wander Management

WanderGuard Blue on a wrist of senior living resident on a walker. Dementia care. Securitas Healthcare.

The WanderGuard BLUE solution represents the next generation of wander management technology: more features, more affordable and more appealing.

Wanderguard Blue protecting access and entry / exit points. Nurse is using the keypad to open a door.  Securitas Healthcare.
Caregiving accessing the WanderGuard BLUE solution on a tablet

WanderGuard BLUE provides your community and residents freedom of movement with safety and security front of mind. With the flexibility to secure any area in or out of Memory Care, WanderGuard BLUE allows memory care residents to engage with other residents and enjoy the full life of the community.


Peace of mind

Six out of 10 seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s tend to wander. WanderGuard BLUE sets the highest standard in keeping memory care residents safe while maintaining as much dignity, independence and freedom as possible. Provide residents, families and care staff peace of mind with reliable, individual resident protection.

All-in-one solution

WanderGuard BLUE offers an affordable, scalable solution that grows with you. Manage the system wirelessly for simplified installation and updates, and take advantage of seamless integration to the Arial solution for centralized alarms and reports driving efficient care planning and delivery. Management of door access is made easy with centralization of user credentials directly in Arial. 

Having everything in one system is a time-saver for all of our staff: my nursing staff is able to receive alerts all in one system and my maintenance staff can easily manage the door controllers of WanderGuard BLUE directly at the Arial station.

Affordable, easy to use technology

WanderGuard BLUE uses a new generation of technology, including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), to deliver a wider range of functionality and reduce the total cost of ownership. In half the setup time, confidently protect residents in your community with sleek, stylish wearable bracelets offering advanced safety and security measures without the feeling of confinement.

Featured Product

WanderGuard BLUE Bracelet

Keep residents at risk of wandering comfortable and protected with the WanderGuard BLUE Standard Bracelet. Discreet yet powerful, it triggers alarms and can lock monitored doors to prevent the resident leaving unattended.

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Location-based accuracy

Take resident safety to even greater heights with real-time location monitoring. Automatically receive notifications of resident location, with geofencing capabilities to define virtual boundaries and special areas in your community for enhanced flexibility and protection.

WanderGuard BLUE and Arial nurse call pendant on a senior living resident with caregiver assisting. Securitas Healthcare.