Better Together: Securitas Healthcare and Cisco Advance RTLS in Healthcare

T2su asset management tag attached to a wheelchair. Securitas asset tracking.
Better Together: Securitas Healthcare and Cisco Advance RTLS in Healthcare

Real-time Location System (RTLS) solutions have helped hospitals address healthcare challenges for years. Responding to the COVID-19 outbreak has made RTLS even more valuable.

Healthcare is dominating the headlines in 2020, and with good reason. As the global pandemic fuels public health and economic challenges, hospitals and other healthcare providers remain at the epicenter. Among their many challenges: Ensuring availability and security of needed medical equipment and supplies. Enforcing protocols for infection control and temperature-sensitive COVID-19 test specimens and medication storage. And, monitoring the movements of patients and staff within their campuses for contact tracing.

Although Real-time Location System (RTLS) solutions have been addressing these and other healthcare challenges for years, responding to the COVID-19 outbreak has made RTLS even more valuable. While these solutions have been proven for many years with a well-defined return on investment, during times of crisis they have proved invaluable and they will be critical to supporting a range of needs as a “new normal” for healthcare takes shape.

Together, Securitas Healthcare and Cisco, a global leader in networking and IT, have been at the forefront of RTLS in healthcare for more than 20 years. In my previous post, I talked about our exciting new joint initiative, and I’m pleased to share our recent announcement about the latest phase of our relationship: Securitas Healthcare has become the first healthcare partner to be certified on Cisco DNA Spaces and our RTLS platform is now fully integrated with Cisco’s next-gen indoor location services platform.

But what does that mean for your hospital?

This integration with Cisco means you can quickly and more affordably transform your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure into a powerful, unified network of sensors. And, you can unlock real-time insights and information—empowering caregivers to deliver better, safer patient care.

Cisco provides a streamlined, scalable and reliable network backbone that’s easily deployed, has a flexible configuration and simplified network management. That backbone powers all of Securitas Healthcare’s RTLS applications, including Asset Management, Temperature and Environmental Monitoring, Infant Protection, and Patient and Staff Protection.

As you consider the challenges of COVID-19 and beyond—from better patient experience and improved safety to enhanced operational efficiencies—look to Securitas Healthcare and Cisco as the go-to team for RTLS in healthcare. If you haven’t adopted the use of RTLS in your enterprise yet, Cisco and Securitas Healthcare are making it easier than ever to get starter now.