Industry News – HPN and Securitas Healthcare Partner to Talk RTLS Strategy and Implementation

Securitas Healthcare helping protect people and assets in Hospital and Senior Living facilities.
Industry News – HPN and Securitas Healthcare Partner to Talk RTLS Strategy and Implementation

Our Director of Product Management, was recently interviewed by Healthcare Purchasing News on a wide variety of topics trending in the world of RTLS (Real-Time-Location-System) technology - primarily, evaluating, selecting and implementing the optimal solution for tracking people, processes and assets.

Highlights on how organizations are adapting, pivoting, and preparing to reinforce their reliability to customers.


1. News Article: Rooting through RTLS options, opportunities

Our take on assessing and choosing track-and-trace technologies:

“For a use case that requires lower levels of location accuracy, but higher accuracy levels around doors (e.g., patient protection), organizations would be best suited to deploy a Wi-Fi-enabled tag with low-frequency chokepoints.”

On remaining cautious regarding RTLS for visitor management:

“Whatever device is chosen is very likely to be lost when visitors leave the facility. Given this challenge, passive RFID and BLE are the technologies in the market currently which are seeing some success. As these technologies mature in the RTLS space, we expect this area to grow significantly.”

2. News Article: RTLS cultivates accuracy, safety and security of data, people and products 

On spotlighting Real-Time Location System applications work: 

“Acting on Priceless Data: As an early adopter of RTLS, RWJ also reaps the benefits of long experience, vast quantities of priceless data, and additional long-term benefits from the platform. RTLS provides a picture of how medical facilities operate, where equipment is used, and how assets and people move around.”

3. News Article: Tag-time: Chipping away at signal transmissions

On the best type of data transmission signaling for people (vs. equipment or assets):

“Hospitals increasingly need to provide their staff with greater levels of protection from workplace violence. Any locating device must have the ability to communicate that an individual staff member is in duress. Active tags are the only category capable of providing this. Patient tracking should also use active signaling, especially as passive signaling cannot provide room level tracking as accurately as active signaling.”


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