Helping Address the ‘Caregiving Crisis’

Senior Living community caregiver visits with resident, who uses an Arial e-call pendant by Securitas Healthcare
Helping Address the ‘Caregiving Crisis’

Resources for caregivers, in honor of National Family Caregiver Month

November is National Family Caregiver Month, which recognizes and celebrates the contribution of the many millions of family caregivers who dedicate their time to caring for a loved one. It’s possible to put a financial value on this work – it is certainly in the billions of dollars annually – but that undervalues its true worth.

From personal experience, my mother’s dedication and 24/7 care of grandpa with dementia was deeply inspiring. For over five years, she gave him the greatest gift of care and dignity, yet it took a toll on her quality of life and health. To me, my mother—and all the family caregivers—are the real unsung heroes.  They show up every day, they watch overnight, they give their all. Without this vital contribution, our healthcare system and our society simply couldn’t run.

Supporting caregivers – wherever they are – with effective tools is at the heart of Securitas Healthcare’s mission of Empowering Caregivers, but we know that technology is only one part of the answer to sustainable healthcare. Fortunately, there are many other organizations who share our commitment, and who offer valuable resources and supports for caregivers.

The need this year, especially, is greater than ever: the Caregiver Action Network’s theme for this year’s Family Caregiver Month is “Caregiving In Crisis,” reflecting the extra stress placed on caregivers by the COVID-19 pandemic. Below is a list of free resources to help family caregivers.  I know how important these types of resources were to my family—to inform, to advocate, to support.  But, above all, we honor you this month and every day for what you do and give to your families.

Resources for Family Caregivers

Free resources for caregivers:

Know about other resources? Leave us a comment and we’ll add them!