The Importance of Blood Donations & Automated Environmental Monitoring

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The Importance of Blood Donations & Automated Environmental Monitoring

It’s National Blood Donor Month, and the American Red Cross has issued an urgent call for donations. If you’re able to give, we at Securitas Healthcare encourage you to make an appointment today. Many of us will be stepping up to donate, too.

The Importance of Blood Donations & Automated Environmental Monitoring 

January marks National Blood Donor Month, a time to recognize the lifesaving impact of blood and platelet donors. Celebrated annually for over 50 years, this important event coincides with one of the most challenging times for obtaining blood donations. This winter is no exception as the American Red Cross has issued an urgent call for donations to ensure critical treatment options are available for patients when needed. Moreover, individuals who received a COVID-19 vaccine may still donate blood, platelets or plasma to aid in the need for donors. If you’re able to give the gift of life, we at Securitas Healthcare encourage you to make an appointment today

24/7 Temperature Monitoring for Easy Storage & Transit of Blood Products

Blood and platelet donations are essential for saving lives and improving patient health yet have a short shelf life. They must be stored and handled properly to safeguard availability and integrity. The proper management of blood products may not be on your mind during donation but remain a key concern for healthcare leaders responsible for these lifesaving materials.

Manual temperature monitoring is often considered too risky of a method for monitoring and reporting environmental conditions. It can leave assets vulnerable to human error and lack of coverage, especially in facilities that are closed in the evenings, over weekends and holidays. That’s why so many hospitals and clinics across North America have embraced Securitas Healthcare’s Temperature and Environmental Monitoring solution. Our automated solution empowers clinicians and administrators with around-the-clock monitoring, alerting and visibility to improve compliance and audit readiness. With 24/7 automated temperature monitoring, staff can quickly identify and resolve potential issues—before they affect the contents of refrigeration or freezer units.

Donate Blood Today

To keep critical treatment options available to patients in need, we encourage you to donate blood this month or any time you can. Meanwhile, we will continue working hard to support hospitals and clinics year-round. Interested in better ways to track and monitor environmental conditions in your healthcare organization? Read our recent case study to discover how Buffalo Surgery Center in Western New York improved safety and efficiency with our automated environmental monitoring solution.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on our solutions or if you have any additional questions.