With Our Hugs Customers Every Step of The Way

All Legacy Hugs systems remain fully supported, with a clear migration path to the latest version of Hugs.

We are here to assist you in the transition to the next generation of Hugs Infant Protection with advanced features to help your facility raise the standard of care. Book your personal migration consultation today!

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Committed to Infant Protection

We're proud that the Hugs solution helps protect millions of infants around the world. And we're committed to leading the market and working with every one of our customer to provide the most comprehensive protection.


Investing in the Next Generation of Safety

In August of 2019, we announced that we were ending sale of the legacy version of the Hugs solution. We did this because the underlying technology for Legacy Hugs is more than 20 years old. Launched in 2013, our next-gen solution offers significant advancements to help clinical and security staff better protect newborns against modern security risks. It was time to lead the market to the next stage of infant protection.

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What Does This Mean for My Hospital?

We are fully committed to you and our Hugs community. To ensure that you have plenty of time to plan for the migration to the new Hugs platform, we will continue to support your Legacy Hugs systems until August 1, 2024. There is no immediate impact on your system and no changes to how you purchase Hugs tags and bands today.

Support for Legacy Hugs Systems:
  • Tags: available until January 1, 2024
  • Technical support, hardware, software updates: available until August 1, 2024

Explore Your Options

Our next generation of the Hugs solution provides effective and scalable protection from a single department to the entire hospital. It’s the right choice whether you’re supporting a 2O-bed critical access hospital or a large urban medical center with thousands of births a year.

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The next generation of the Hugs solution offers important benefits for moms and babies, nurses and the hospital. See all it has to offer compared to your Legacy Hugs system.

Legacy Hugs Comparison Guide

Simple + Expanded Protection

Designed with our caregivers in mind, our next generation of Hugs provides expanded infant and patient protection with the same proven performance you know and trust. Some key enhancements include:


Clinical Services & Training Support

As a reminder, you have access to training and support resources for the lifespan of your Hugs system. Securitas Healthcare’s Clinical Services team consists of seasoned RNs with years of experience in Women’s Services and Pediatrics. We provide effective, comprehensive training for your staff to ensure the safety of your smallest patients.

Read more about the on-line and instructor led clinical training tools available to you. 

Caregiver showing Hugs Infant Protection Wi-Fi badge on a newborn's ankle in a clear bassinet.
Hugs Infant protection band on a newborn infant. Securitas Healthcare.

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