EX4300 Exciters

Room, sub-room and bay-level location accuracy with ultrasound technology

Front view of the EX4300 Excitor

Room- and bay-level location has never been easier

The EX4300 Exciter series is designed specifically for patient, staff and asset location monitoring in healthcare environments. The ultrasound technology provides room, sub-room, and bay-level resolution. 


Faster, simpler deployment for healthcare environments

The EX4300 Exciter series allows hospitals and clinics to streamline deployment of room, sub-room and bay-level RTLS applications due to fewer required devices, and simpler installation and tuning.

One device, multiple bay/bed separation 

In areas that require virtual walls, a single EX4300 Exciter can generate up to four different RTLS zones, perfect for ED bays and multi-patient rooms. An anti-ligature cover is also available for behavioral or mental health units. 

Battery-powered or POE

The EX4300 Exciter series can be powered by battery for installation almost anywhere or by Power of Ethernet (PoE). Battery life up to four years is possible, depending on configuration.

Unlock new insights

RTLS Wi-Fi tags detect signals from EX4300 series Exciters, triggering the tag to transmit its location (room, bay, etc.) and status.  Exciters can be placed throughout a facility, creating zones wherever required. These simple actions can produce a wealth of information around care processes, staff coordination, patient experience, asset availability and more.

Active management 

The EX4300 Exciters can operate as standalone or coordinated units, using 802.15.4 based communication. The Gateway GTW4300 connects the exciters to the RTLS solutions and is used to control, monitor and coordinate exciters.