Hugs EX5500 Controller

Monitor exits from OB and other units

Securitas Healthcare's Hugs EX500 Controller for hospital-wide patient safety.

Door security to prevent unauthorized exit

The EX5500 is installed at every exit of the area protected by Hugs to prevent infants from being removed without authorization.


Robust protection at the door

Sophisticated egress point monitoring and security for Hugs tags

Immediate response

The EX5500 incorporates a Wi-Fi receiver for rapid detection of Hugs tags at the exit. As soon as the tag enters the field around the door, it transmits a status signal and the EX5500 responds immediately.

Standalone functionality

The EX5500 supports basic functionality – including locking exits when the tag is in the field – in offline mode enabling protection even in the unlikely event of the network being unavailable.

Activate door locks

The EX5500 includes two relays. The Door Lock relay is activated whenever an infant enters the field around the door without authorization. In a typical installation, the EX5500 will immediately activate the door lock to prevent egress. CCTV, sounders and other equipment can also be activated.