Hugs Infant Tag

Baby-friendly security

Front view of the Hugs infant protection badge by Securitas Healthcare.
Mom holding baby with Hugs Infant Protection badge while wearing Mother Kisses band on her wrist.
Securitas Healthcare Hugs infant protection tag attached to baby's ankle

The heart of the Hugs Solution

The Hugs Infant Tag packs a lot of security into its tiny size, activating as soon as it’s attached to the infant’s ankle with a soft tamper-detecting Hugs band. From that moment, the infant is swaddled in layers of security. 

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Comprehensive security

No other infant tag combines as much security with ease of use.

Baby friendly 

The tag weighs only 1/3 oz., and neither it nor the Hugs band contain latex. In fact, the Hugs tag is regularly used on NICU infants who have reached open crib stage.


The Hugs tag activates automatically as soon as it is attached so that protection can begin right in the delivery room.

Mother/infant matching

The Hugs tag supports the correct matching of the infant with his/her mother as part of the optional Kisses Mother/Infant Matching component for Hugs, checking for the right match every time mom and baby are brought together

Multiple layers of security 

The Hugs tag offers tamper detection, exit detection and continual supervision, and is the only infant tag that monitors its environment for potential sources of interference.


The BabySense feature helps you ensure that you have the Hugs tag properly attached, notifying you if the tag needs to be snugged up due to weight loss. Adjusting the tag takes just a few moments.