T14 Staff Badge

Rechargeable staff badge for multiple applications

Securitas Healthcare T14 Staff Protection badge.
Caregiver smiling while wearing Securitas Healthcare's T14 staff badge.
Caregiver placing the Securitas Healthcare T14 Staff Badge into a charging station.
Caregiver pressing the alert button on the Securitas Healthcare T14 Staff Protection badge.

Staff efficiency and safety

The T14 Staff Badge is a powerful device that supports a host of important goals: tracking and improving patient flow, automating nurse call and supporting staff safety.


Real-time staff insights

The T14 Staff Badge empowers your caregivers to work safely and efficiently. It can be used for Patient Flow, Staff Workflow and Staff Protection.

Comfort and convenience

Small and lightweight with an ergonomic design, the staff badge is easily attached to ID badges.


The badge’s rechargeable battery offers up to three weeks of battery life (depending on badge type and configuration) and reports its own level in the MobileView software. A motion sensor helps conserve battery life when the badge isn’t moving. 

Positive feedback 

With the Staff Protection solution, the Badge gives positive feedback of a successful test and optionally when a distress call has been acknowledged.

Staff safety

For the Staff Protection solution, badges include a call button—making it easy for staff to request help for themselves or others.

Bi-directional communication

Configuration and firmware upgrades can be applied "over the air" to greatly simplify updates. The T14e variant support 802.1x Enterprise security networks with PEAP-MSCHAPv2, WPA2-PSK with AES encryption and an open non-encrypted security mode.