Staff Protection Overview

Staff protection badge being shown while the button is pressed. Securitas Healthcare.

The Securitas Healthcare Staff Protection solution combines Wi-Fi badges with a personal panic button and an enterprise RTLS platform to give healthcare workers 24/7, hospital-wide protection.


Frustrated by the high risks and costs of workplace violence?

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Give Healthcare Workers Portable, Personal Protection

The Securitas Healthcare Staff Protection solution provides caregivers with a portable means to call for help no matter where they are in the hospital.

Each staff member carries a Wi-Fi badge with a personal panic button, which is typically worn attached to their hospital ID badge. This way, the individual can discreetly call for help from any location – no need to locate and activate a fixed call station.

Once the button is pressed, the badge immediately sends a signal indicating the staff member’s current location and need for help.

Smiling nurse knows she is protected using a hospital staff protection badge. Securitas Healthcare.

How It Works

Why Securitas Healthcare for Staff Protection?

"The solution enables us to be highly accurate in responding to an incident, and it gives our staff an improved sense of safety and protection."

Staff protection badge easily accessible on a hospital nurse to call for help. Securitas Healthcare.