3 Essential Components to a WanderGuard System

3 Essential Components to a WanderGuard System

Identify 3 of the most important components to look for when selecting a wander management solution.

What functionality is essential to a WanderGuard system? Many wander management systems offer similar baseline functionality. But to realize the most value from your investment, look for a wander management solution with additional capabilities that can make a big difference in resident safety at your senior living community.  

Here’s a quick look at the three essential components (and some of the standout features on the market).

1. Core WanderGuard Platform

The core platform is the “brain” of your WanderGuard solution. It connects the wearable bracelets your residents wear with the sensors and automatic locks on your doors. When an at-risk wanderer gets close to a monitored door, the core WanderGuard platform sends automatic alerts to your caregivers.  

The leading platform makes it fast and easy to track which residents you are monitoring. It simplifies the process of authorizing caregivers to override monitored doors. And the most advanced wander management platforms let you check battery levels and perform other routine maintenance on bracelets without disturbing residents.  

2. Modern Wander Management Bracelets

At-risk wanderers need around-the-clock monitoring to stay safe and secure within your community. But they shouldn’t have to suffer the indignity of wearing something obtrusive and/or uncomfortable. Residents should be safeguarded without being visibly “labeled” as at-risk wanderers.  

Some wander management systems require residents to wear an institutional-looking band. Others rely on stylish, comfortable bracelets – ideally with a variety of options to fit your resident and community needs. These options may include advanced functionality like location tracking, enabling you to find residents more quickly and efficiently for activities, appointments, visitors and more.  

3. Location-Based Alerts

Standard wander management systems sound alarms and/or send alerts when an at-risk wanderer approaches a monitored door. The most advanced WanderGuard system integrates directly with the Arial Emergency Call system to locate residents anywhere within your community. It lets you set parameters for other safety alerts based on a resident’s location or movement. For example, you could automatically alert any time a resident enters the dining area or activities room in the middle of the night. These advanced safety measures provide another layer of protection.  

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