Location Tracking for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Residents

WanderGuard Blue on a wrist of senior living resident on a walker. Dementia care. Securitas Healthcare.
Location Tracking for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Residents

Enhanced functionality with WanderGuard BLUE allows for quick tracking of monitored residents.

Wander management systems are the primary tool for keeping at-risk wanderers safe and secure in your senior living community. But the WanderGuard BLUE solution from Securitas Healthcare incorporates advanced technologies to go a step further. Advanced functionality makes it possible for you to locate residents at any time – and to set internal parameters for enhanced safety and flexibility. 

How Does WanderGuard's Location Tracking Work?

Using a direct integration to the Arial Emergency Call solution, caregivers are able to better understand where and when residents may be more likely to wander. This location tracking is done discreetly through resident wearables. The WanderGuard bracelets give caregivers a 24/7 view into resident movement throughout your senior living community. This functionality vastly improves a caregiver’s ability to quickly locate and assist a resident within your community. That feature is helpful whether a resident is experiencing a problem or needs an escort to an appointment or other activity.

Individual Protection, Maximum Freedom with Geofencing

A geofence is a virtual boundary you create around specific rooms or areas within your senior living community. You might create a geofence for your assisted living wing and another for your memory care section. You could also establish a geofence for your dining area and another for the activities space. 

Using an advanced WanderGuard system, you can assign residents to specific areas at specific times of day. Once you have established those parameters, location tracking makes it possible to alert when a resident is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Those alerts help you proactively protect residents as they move through their daily activities. 

Location tracking is just one feature you should look for in a WanderGuard system. What are the other key components? And what are some other considerations and questions to guide your evaluation? Find out in this wander management selection guide