RTLS: Creating the Real-Time Hospital

Real-Time Visibility Solutions to enhance safety and security, improve operations efficiency, streamline regulatory compliance, and reduce costs.


Visibility and Actionable Insights to Patients, Staff and Assets

The award-winning RTLS platform combines the widest range of real-time applications, ubiquitous coverage via Wi-Fi and powerful reporting. The result is not only visibility to the location and status of people and things, but fresh insights into how to operate more efficiently, improve care delivery, and create safe care environments for both caregivers and patients.

Creating Safer and More Efficient Environments

Blog: Discover four ways in which Securitas Healthcare's solutions help create safer, more efficient environments in Acute Care and Senior Living communities.

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"To have a partner in our technology journey has been extremely beneficial. I can’t image another company doing what they have done to have a positive change that effects our culture and how we deliver care to the patient."

Photo of caregiver dressed in scrubs placing their hand on a patient's shoulder

9x KLAS Leader for RTLS

Securitas Healthcare has been named Best in KLAS for Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) in Healthcare nine times since 2010.

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