Hugs Infant Protection


Over 1780 hospitals worldwide rely on the Hugs solution, part of the AeroScout RTLS platform, to help protect their infants from the risk of abduction and mother/infant matching.

Protection for all

Hugs is in use today to protect not just well newborns, but pediatric patients of all ages and even NICU babies at open-crib stage. And protection applies not just to stranger abduction, but to the growing threat of family abduction.

More layers of security 

No other system swaddles infants in more protection, continually watching over each infant, every exit from the unit, all parts of the system and environment, and in every corner of the hospital. 

Scalable to any hospital

The Hugs security system provides effective, scalable and affordable protection. It’s the right choice for a 20-bed critical access hospital and a large urban medical center with thousands of births a year.

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Kisses Mother/Infant Matching

The Kisses component for Hugs is the only automatic and audible baby match support to traditional ID bands. It brings peace of mind for nurses and moms.

  • Automatic and audible mismatch indication
  • “Final match” function confirms correct match prior to discharge
  • Supports multiple births
  • Match can be checked at any time
  • Works anywhere 
  • Easily added to existing Hugs systems
  • Tag and band are waterproof and hypo-allergenic
  • No set pairs of mother and infant tags
Caregiver showing Hugs Infant Protection Wi-Fi badge on a newborn's ankle in a clear bassinet.