T2s Asset, Staff and Patient Tag

One tag, three functions, many purposes

Securitas Healthcare T2s tag
Patient wearing Securitas Healthcare's T2s Patient locating band on their wrist.
Securitas Healthcare T2s RTLS badge attached to pump.

Small size, big flexibility

Wi-Fi, with ultrasound and low-Frequency (LF) receivers—the T2s Asset, Staff and Patient Tag is suitable for diverse applications. Get room-level accuracy and real-time notifications, whether managing assets or monitoring and improving the flow of people throughout your facility. 


Patient, staff and asset locating

A key enabler of enterprise-level visibility, the T2s Asset, Staff and Patient Tag uses standard Wi-Fi communication to support location-based applications at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Diverse applications

Use this battery-powered tag to support a variety of goals: improving asset management, enhancing your patient experience and empowering your staff to work more safely and efficiently.

Long battery life

The T2s Asset, Staff and Patient Tag has a single, user-replaceable battery that provides up to four years of life and reports on its own level. What’s more, its motion sensor helps conserve battery life when the tag is stationary.

Real-time visibility and more

The tag delivers visibility in any environment—from indoor locations such as hospital floors to open outdoor spaces such as parking lots. You can also use it for choke-point detection, room- and bay-level location, call-button alerting, motion sensing and more.

Easy to use, easy to maintain

Configure and activate your tags wirelessly. Combine with wrist straps for patients, staff badge cradles for caregivers and asset cradles for medical equipment.