Tag & Exciter Detector Device (TED)

Small hand-held device for fast tag management

Front view of the Tag and Exciter Detector (TED)

Quickly activate and configure Securitas Healthcare tags

The Tag & Exciter Detector Device (TED) simultaneously activates and/or configures up to 80 Securitas Healthcare tags, and can detect Exciter fields to assist with configuration. It is used together with the Deployment Manager mobile application.


Conveniently reconfigure or update RTLS tags

Make fast, easy updates to wireless tags, and evaluate the detection area of ultrasound and low frequency Exciters.

Quickly activate and configure tags 

Wirelessly detects, activates and configures tags within a variable range of 1.65-8.2 feet (0.50-2.5 m). (Some tag types, such as the Hugs Infant Tag, are read only.)

Simple yet powerful design 

Enhanced convenience with LED light indicators, configurable LF range, and Micro USB cable port.

Easy to use 

Hand-held, portable and rechargeable.

Interference monitoring

Detect LF interference to eliminate noise sources or optimize the location of the exciter.