AeroScout RTLS

Securitas Healthcare T5 temperature monitoring badge

The AeroScout Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) platform is the leading Wi-Fi based solution for monitoring the location and status of people, assets and environments across the enterprise.

Asset Management

Enterprise healthcare asset tracking to reduce costs and transform management of mobile assets.

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Temperature Monitoring and Environmental Monitoring

Ensure safe storage of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, etc. and monitor a variety of other environments and equipment with 24/7 wireless monitoring.

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Patient Flow

Improve patient experience and throughput in the OR, ED and clinics with real-time visibility into the location and status of patients, caregivers, key equipment and rooms/bays.

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Staff Workflow

Understand the location of caregivers to optimize workflow, automate nurse call functionality and maximize reimbursement.

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Links environmental monitoring mobile application on a mobile device screen. Securitas Healthcare.
Caregiver placing the Securitas Healthcare T14 Staff Badge into a charging station.

Powered by MobileView

MobileView is the software platform for all the AeroScout RTLS solutions, as well as our Protection solutions such as Hugs and MyCall. Combining visual controls, real-time alerting, and extensive reporting, it drives true enterprise visibility. 

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Comprehensive Integrations

The MobileView platform offers built-in integrations to a wide range of hospital information systems (HIS), and supports custom integrations. Drive greater safety and security, operational efficiency and optimized workflows.

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Healthcare worker viewing a computer screen to locate hospital equipment using Securitas's asset tracking.