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Proud to be 2023 Best in KLAS for RTLS 

Securitas Healthcare was named the Best in KLAS winner for Real-Time Location Systems in the 2023 Best in KLAS report. This recognition marks the ninth time the company’s MobileView platform has earned top ranking in its category.  
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Announcing Arial 11: A Comprehensive Life Safety and Security Solution

Our newest release of Arial, Version 11, offers all the value of an emergency and nurse call system with additional features including enhanced communications, resident and community insights, wander and fall management integrations.  
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Celebrating 25 Years of Infant Protection 

Hugs has kept infants safe in hospitals since 1998. Thanks to our loyal clients, Hugs is the #1 most trusted infant security solution in the world.  Our goal is to empower today’s caregivers with advanced, yet simple, technology that supports a safe and secure healing environment for infants and mothers. 
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Why Trust Securitas Healthcare? 

We empower caregivers at over 15,000 hospitals and senior living communities worldwide to deliver connected, productive, and safe care. 

Sophisticated Healthcare Solutions

Our innovative solutions help healthcare organizations protect people, use assets efficiently and understand their operations for a caring and healing environment 

Tap into healthcare expertise

We are healthcare technology experts committed to addressing the unique requirements of your hospital, clinic or senior living community 

Optimize the care environment

Use our healthcare technology solutions to enhance caregiver, patient and resident experience by creating safer, more secure and efficient care environments 

Increase peace of mind

Our industry-leading solutions simplify and streamline processes, allowing caregivers to focus on what matters most: their patients and residents 

A Trusted Partner

Securitas Healthcare is the trusted partner for solutions that realize safe, secure and efficient care. Discover some of our industry leading brands.

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“We encourage staff to call for help at the first sign of an angry or violent patient. Our goal is to prevent that situation from escalating and leading to an injury for the employee or others.”

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“If we need to add an area because we’re hitting a peak, we can literally open up a computer screen, see where the kit is and have people fetch it.”

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“Currently, we have close to 16,400 assets tagged in seven hospitals.  So far, we’ve saved close to $9 million in devices, medications, and food.”

Exterior of RWJBarnabas Health (RWJ), New Jersey’s biggest healthcare provider.

“The enhanced Environmental Monitoring application simplifies our staff’s workflow for monitoring assets, alert management and corrective actions–all in one place–with built-in access to customizable analytics and reporting making regulatory compliance easy.”