Asset Management

Enterprise healthcare asset tracking to reduce costs and transform management of mobile assets.

Total Optimisation of Mobile Assets

Real-time hospital asset management drives cost savings, higher efficiency and better care

Cost savings

The Asset Management solution dramatically raises asset efficiency, helping you to reduce purchases and optimise your rental program. Shrinkage control reduces lost, stolen or misplaced assets, with annual savings in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Caregiver efficiency

The stress of hunting for a needed device – and the hoarding that often results – is eliminated. Search times can be reduced by more than 90%, from 30 minutes or more to as little as 2 minutes. The system shows not only the location but the status of each device, so that biomed and other teams can plan preventive maintenance and order fulfillment with maximum efficiency. 

Improved patient care

The Asset Management solution helps you ensure that critical equipment is available and properly maintained. Shortages are virtually eliminated and assets on recall can be retrieved within a matter of hours – before they’re used on another patient. The result is prompt and safe patient care.

Optimized asset utilization

Ultimately, the Asset Management solution gives you total visibility to where and how each asset is being used, enabling you to optimise asset workflow and achieve real-time PAR level visibility and more efficient asset management for high-demand and highly mobile assets. It’s the most efficient possible use of your resources while ensuring the best patient care.

Real World Results

The Asset Management solution has a proven ROI that is measured in months.

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“Nurses were used to calling Central every time they needed a pump. From Day One, they knew they could go to the clean room and get a clean pump.”

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The real-time visibility platform advantage

Simple. Flexible. Powerful.


Everywhere – and everything – coverage

The real-time visibility platform combines many different technologies – active RTLS, RAIN RFID, low frequency for exit detection, ultrasound for room or bay level location and BLE integration for lower cost asset tags - – to get you the optimum solution for the widest range of assets at the lowest total cost of ownership. And it leverages your Wi-Fi network to reduce costs even further.


Intuitive visual controls

Asset location and status can be viewed on a computer or app in list form or on a map in the MobileView software platform, with customisable filtering to help staff find exactly what they’re looking for. Alerts for events such as an asset leaving the facility can be directed to a variety of mobile devices.


Reporting and Analytics

Leverage on-demand or schedule reports to help drive better operational decision making around inventory management, asset utilisation and more.