AeroScout Links Cloud Temperature Monitoring

Simple, cost-effective and self-deployed IoT platform that will have you monitoring other environmental conditions in minutes.

24/7 Monitoring that’s Always On

You can’t be there to monitor every refrigerator or freezer, especially over nights and weekends. AeroScout Links does the job for you.

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Securitas Healthcare's T15e temperature tag monitoring the environment inside a blood bag storage fridge

Designed for Healthcare

Simplify monitoring to meet required compliance standards.

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Links mobile application being viewed on a mobile device by an executive. Securitas Healthcare.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Setup of AeroScout Links couldn’t be simpler. No application servers, no network access to configure, and no 3rd party components to purchase.

Just 3 steps to get going:

Add Gateways

Plug in to the network and scan the barcode

Activate Tags

Push to activate 

Configure Tags

Scan the barcode and assign to an asset 

Caregiver pressing the button on the Securitas Healthcare T15e Temperature Monitoring sensor.
Links environmental monitoring mobile application viewed on a mobile device in a pharmacy environment. Securitas Healthcare.

Proven Technology, Made Simple

Industry proven, field-tested

AeroScout Links’ wireless sensors share the same proven technology as Securitas Healthcare’s  Environmental Monitoring solution. Monitor a range of temperatures as well as humidity. 

Secure infrastructure

The AeroScout Links solution uses in best-in-class cloud services for maximum data security. You don’t have to worry about managing on-site infrastructure or run the risk of data loss. 

Rapidly deployed, easy to use

Activate and configure AeroScout Links with the mobile app in a matter of minutes. The app also provides a single interface to receive and handle alerts, view sensor data in real time and pull historical reports. 

ILAC-MRA calibration

Annual calibration of temperature monitoring tags to the standards of the ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement (ILAC MRA) is an industry best practice. Securitas Healthcare’s ISO 17025 Accredited Environmental Monitoring Tag Calibration Program provides a simple and easy way to manage the process.

Links  cloud monitoring application viewed on a mobile phone. Securitas Healthcare.