Staff Protection

Personal protection for at-risk healthcare workers in the ED, Mental Health, OB and beyond.


Give hospital staff a personal panic button

Your clinicians and other hospital employees need assurance of rapid, effective response to staff duress calls. Explore Securitas Healthcare’s Staff Protection solution – designed for at-risk healthcare workers in the ED, Mental Health, OB and beyond.


Mobile protection for caregivers

Fixed panic buttons at nursing stations and other locations still have value. But that technology was designed for yesterday’s hospital. Today’s caregivers need a personal, portable device so they can call for help from anywhere in the hospital. Being able to carry a personal panic button gives nurses and other staff greater control and confidence – without impacting workflow.

Faster, more effective response

The Staff Protection solution provides real-time visibility to who is calling – and where they are within the hospital campus. This information can be pushed to smartphones, IP phones or badges, email and more. Security personnel and other responders can launch a rapid, effective response.

"We have staff that carry duress buttons. Within seconds we get a call that a staff member needs help. We’re also getting that location in a matter of seconds so that response time is critical."


Safety monitoring and reporting

Staff Protection is designed as a life-safety system and offers multiple features to monitor operation. That includes enabling staff to confirm that their badge is working at the start of every shift. Additionally, the solution continually gathers data that you can use to produce accurate, detailed reports about staff duress incidents.

Hugs compatible, Hugs proven

The Staff Protection solution shares the same platform as the Hugs® infant protection solution. Together, they provide powerful security capabilities that increase the confidence and satisfaction of your patients and your staff.

Is It Time to Rethink Your Approach to Staff Protection?

Blog: Learn how hospitals can expand the value and safety of their Hugs platform to protect staff, too.
A group of 3 nurses gathered and talking .
Smiling nurse knows she is protected using a hospital staff protection badge. Securitas Healthcare.
Securitas Healthcare staff protection badge pushing the duress button.