Managed Services for AeroScout RTLS Solutions

Changing a Securitas Healthcare asset management tag.

The AeroScout solutions power transformative change, unlocking higher efficiency, costs savings and a better experience for patients and caregivers. Maximize the impact of AeroScout with our suite of Managed Services.

Tag Management

Asset Management deployments can run to many thousands of assets, and require a structured approach to deploying and maintaining asset tags. The Tag Management service takes the task in hand, including monitoring battery status and replacing batteries as needed. It ensures solution up time and frees internal resources for higher-value tasks.

Advanced Service

End-to-end management of tags, including physically locating, replacing and configuring tags.

Basic Service

Securitas Healthcare refurbishes your tags and replaces the battery on a regular cycle.


Biomed Technician getting a Securitas Healthcare asset management tag ready for use.

Environmental Monitoring Tag Calibration

Annual recalibration of ILAC-MRA environmental monitoring tags is an industry best practice. But removing them from assets is time-consuming and disruptive to monitoring. Securitas Healthcare’s ISO 17025 Accredited Environmental Monitoring Tag Calibration and Certification Program provides a simple and easy way to manage the process.

Staff Protection charge station for protecting staff in the event of a staff emergency. Securitas Healthcare Staff Protection.