Arial P10 Wi-Fi Resident Pendant Tag

Safety and mobility for seniors


Essential accessory for active seniors

Whether worn around the neck or clipped on a belt, the P10 Wi-Fi Pendant enables seniors to call for help easily and quickly, from anywhere in your community.

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Accurate location, reliable response

The P10 Wi-Fi Resident Pendant for the Arial Wi-Fi solution gives residents peace of mind as they move about your campus, whether in independent living, assisted living or skilled nursing.

Modern design

The P10 Wi-Fi Resident Pendant has been carefully designed to combine ease of use for residents and staff with attractive, contemporary aesthetics.

Long-life battery

Depending on usage patterns, the tag’s replaceable battery provides one to three years of life. It also reports on its own battery level through the Arial software.

Large call button

Large and simple to use, the call button makes it easy for residents to request help.

Positive feedback

The P10 Wi-Fi Resident Pendant offers both visual and audio confirmation of a button press, providing added reassurance to residents.