COMING SOON Arial Pendants with Auto Fall Detect

Receive an automatic alert when a resident may have fallen

Front view of Arial Auto Fall Detect Pendants

Elevate Resident Safety with Fall Detection

Arial Pendants offer a comfortable and discreet way for residents to call for help anywhere in your community. New, advanced Auto Fall Detect technology is designed to automatically send an alert when a fallen resident is unable to press the pendant call button for help.

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Advanced Technology for Added Protection and Better Outcomes

Enable Faster Response Times

Help detect a fall and send an alert to the Arial system, notifying caregivers to respond to a potential fall event.

Add Devices As Needed

Compatible with existing network infrastructure allowing for ease of installation, flexibility and scalability.

Supports Better Resident Outcomes

Can provide awareness of a high-risk event that may otherwise go undetected.

Help Increase Occupancy

Fall detection can help differentiate your community. Attract and retain residents by offering added peace of mind.