Arial Software Integrations

Event integration from multiple systems and devices


A centralized solution for safety and security

The Arial solution’s abundant integrations for notification and safety management make it the only application caregivers need to quickly see and respond to resident needs.


Broader reach through integrations

Integrate a wide variety of systems into the Arial Emergency Call solution for comprehensive visibility into safety and security in your community.

Nurse call systems

Integrate or upgrade your existing nurse call systems with Arial. Cut the cords with Arial Wireless Nurse Call, taking a wireless approach to nurse call.

Fire panels

The Arial solution supports integration of most fire alarm panels for secondary reporting of fire alarms in the Arial software and on mobile devices.

Security and access control

Arial can integrate many security, access control and building automation systems, including CCTV, and intrusion alarm systems.

Communication devices

In addition to the Arial Mobile Application, Arial supports a wide range of communication devices, including VoIP phones, pagers, overhead display signs and dome lights.

Fall management

Receive fall alerts directly to your Arial system with a seamless integration to our AI-based fall prevention solution, Foresite.

Wander management

Integrate with WanderGuard BLUE, enhancing your wander management with sophisticated reporting, event management and audit capabilities in real time.