Foresite Software

Web-based dashboards to manage resident health and fall risk


See, manage and address health changes

The Foresite web-based user interface helps you focus on the most important information to proactively address fall risk and resident health changes.

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The information you need to reduce falls

A variety of dashboards and other views – including playback of a fall – give you a complete understanding of each individual in your care.

Status dashboards

Different dashboards show current fall risk and the overall status of units and each individual. In-depth analysis of individual history – activity level, restlessness, sleep quality – allows you to identify at an early stage changes in health or wellbeing.

Remote alerts

When a fall or bed exit is imminent, alerts can be sent to a variety of mobile devices, including secure text message to smartphones. 

Rewind and review

Privacy-protecting depth sensor images of a fall can be immediately reviewed to show the causes and how the individual fell. This is invaluable both for immediate medical assistance and for improved procedures to reduce the likelihood of a recurrence.