Kisses Mother Tag

Confirm correct mother-infant match

Front view of Kisses Mother Badge, for use with Securitas Healthcare's Hugs infant protection solution.
Mom holding baby with Hugs Infant Protection badge while wearing Mother Kisses band on her wrist.
Closeup photo of Securitas Healthcare's Kisses Mother badge with mother-infant match technology.

Keep mothers and infants safely together

Extend the security of the Hugs solution with the Kisses tag with automatic and audible mother/infant matching.

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Deliver peace of mind to new mothers

Confirm that the correct infant is matched with the correct mother each time they are brought together.

Instant bonding

Hugs Infant Tags are “bonded,” or paired, to a Kisses Mother Tag right after the infant is born. The tags remain bonded throughout the hospital stay.

Easy to use

The Kisses tag requires no activation, and both bonding and matching with the Hugs tag is fully automatic. The battery level on the tag is automatically tracked by the Hugs solution.

Battery status indicator

The Kisses tag offers a battery life of 180 days. A small LED at the back of the tag gives a quick view of battery status, and a low battery warning appears in the system when it’s time to replace the tag. 

Automatic and audible mismatch alert

Nurses are immediately alerted if there’s a mismatch between mother and infant, even if there are other infant tags in the room.

Comfortable for patients

The Kisses tag is lightweight and waterproof, and can be attached with a single-use band tested for skin sensitivities.