RoamAlert Software

Wander-management focused software


Customized wander management

The RoamAlert software supports resident locating and configuration of different access protocols for a resident or group of residents.

Related Solutions

Tailor protection to each resident

Through a variety of settings, the RoamAlert software allows senior living organizations to control door and time of day settings to grant protected residents more freedom of movement.

Resident locating

When the RoamAlert solution includes a network of receivers to continually supervise each protected resident, the RoamAlert software can locate residents in real time, displaying their location on a map of your facility.

Escort feature

For escorting residents, staff members can be assigned a Staff Tag: doors will unlock automatically when the staff member approaches with a resident.

Customized access

To allow the maximum freedom of movement, the RoamAlert software can be programmed to enable particular residents to pass through some exits while other exits remain protected. Or one exit – to a fenced outdoor area, for example – can be accessible to all at certain times of the day time.