T15h Temperature & Humidity Tag

Multi-use ambient temperature and humidity monitoring tag for all hospital departments

Securitas Healthcare T15h tag
Securitas Healthcare T15h tag

Monitor Ambient Temperature & Humidity Hospital-wide

The T15h Wi-Fi Tag provides advanced environmental monitoring capabilities making it ideally suited for use in all hospital departments, including pharmaceutical compounding rooms and OR suites. The T15h tag can also be used with AeroScout Links.


24/7 Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

The T15h tag is a digital data logger (DDL) equipped with internal sensors that constantly monitor ambient conditions of mission critical locations. Ability to record daily confirmations of compliance with regulatory requirements makes this tag ideal for use in surgical suites and compounding pharmacy spaces.  

Internal Temperature and Humidity Sensor

T15h Tags are equipped with on-board temperature and humidity sensors that can accurately monitor ambient temperature and humidity levels. 5%-95% RH and 0°C to +50°C. 

Programmable Logging Interval

Logging intervals can be programmed to 1, 5 or 15 minute intervals using pre-configured static configurations. 

Easily and Reliable Compliance Monitoring

Ability to record daily inspections with a single button press makes it ideal for use in compounding pharmacies and OR suites that require confirmation the space is compliant before services can begin each day.


The ISO 17025 accredited program offers a simple and easy way to manage the recalibration process.


Large E-ink Display and Push Button Functionality 

The tag’s display shows the current temperature and humidity, the minimum and maximum values measured since the last audit (manual inspection), battery and power status, alarm indications and warnings. 

Extensive Record Keeping

The tag’s on-board memory can store a total of 128,000 readings (64,000 temperature readings and 64,000 humidity readings). 

Audio and Visual Indications

T15h Tags include a buzzer, with 4 different distinct sounds, and 3 LEDs for status indications, such as tag activation, alerts and low battery.