T22 BLE Asset and Staff Tag

Small high-impact disposable Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) tag for healthcare asset tracking and staff visibility.

Securitas Healthcare T22 tag
Securitas Healthcare T22 tag
Securitas Healthcare T22 tag
Securitas Healthcare T22 tag
Securitas Healthcare T22 tag
Securitas Healthcare T22 tag
Securitas Healthcare T22 tag
Securitas Healthcare T22 Calibration tag

Simplified Healthcare Asset Management and Staff Visibility with BLE Capabilities

The T22 BLE Asset and Staff Tags are components of Securitas Healthcare’s BLE and MobileView Software Platform. The inexpensive and small form factor with long battery life, adds flexibility and scalability to track assets or staff locations, across a wide variety of applications.


Track, Manage and Protect Critical Mobile Medical Equipment

A simpler, better way to safeguard critical assets to increase asset utilisation, drive patient safety and reduce costs.

Perfectly Sized and Priced for Your Smaller Assets

Avoid the hassle and expense of using larger tracking tags on your smaller hospital assets, running the risk of inaccurate data. The T22 Tag is lightweight and inexpensive. Its small form factor makes it ideal to track compact healthcare assets, expanding the number and type of assets that can be managed across your facility.


Simplified Deployment and Detection

The BLE Asset Tag can be used right out of the box with existing Cisco BLE-enabled networks and supports standard BLE tags from other vendors using standard iBeacon or EddyStone protocols. Healthcare organizations can also leverage our low-cost plug-in BLE Gateway to provide location coverage for areas not BLE-enabled, such as outlying buildings, floors or wings.


Avoid Asset Loss While Driving Operational Efficiency

Having the right equipment in the right place at the right time is critical to safe, timely and efficient care. The T22 BLE Asset Tag provides real-time visibility to equipment location and status within your organisation, ensuring assets are available for the people and processes relying on them. In addition, the T22 Tag can be used in chokepoint use cases, call-button alerting and more.

Long-Lasting Battery for Easy Maintenance

The T22 BLE Asset Tag provides up to 4 years* of battery life and is disposable. This reduces the number of touchpoints over the life of the system which can help your team avoid time-intensive battery replacements.


Flexible Mounting Options

Securitas Healthcare’s T22 BLE Asset Tag is available in two versions for different mounting options to accommodate your asset tracking needs – a sticker version for sticker mounting and a flange version for zip tie mounting.


*Battery life is impacted by usage such as time spent in the LF range of an Exciter, number of times the tag goes in and out of an Exciter’s range, number of times the call button is used, etc. Extensive usage of the tag in an LF environment may shorten the battery life.