T3s Staff Badge

Locate hospital staff in real-time in indoor or outdoor environments. 

Securitas Healthcare's T3s badge for real-time staff visibility.
Caregiver helping patient transfer from a wheelchair, while wearing Securitas Healthcare's T3s staff visibility badge.
Caregiver pressing button on Securitas Healthcare's T3s staff visibility badge.

Wi-Fi badge for real-time staff visibility

The T3s Staff Badge is designed to help hospitals locate staff in real time for Patient Flow, Staff Workflow, and Staff Protection applications.


Real-time and accurate location updates

T3s Staff Badges are durable, easy to use and leverage market-leading locating technology.

Leverage existing Wi-Fi network 

T3s Staff Badges use any standard Wi-Fi network infrastructure, keeping costs low and making deployments simple and fast. The badges can be used to determine the location and status of hospital staff.

Large, tactile call button

For the Staff Protection solution, the badges include a call button for staff to call for help for themselves or others. Different button press patterns can be programmed to distinguish between distress alerts and a call for assistance with patient care.

Room-level separation and egress point detection

The T3s Staff Badge includes an embedded Low-Frequency (LF) receiver to provide instant notification when a staff member passes through a gate, doorway or other tightly-defined area. An optional Ultrasound receiver ensures accurate room-level resolution.

Long battery life

The T3s Staff Badge has a user-replaceable battery which can provide up to 2 years' battery life. The badge is able to report its battery level which is displayed in MobileView. A motion sensor helps to conserve battery life when the badge is not in motion.