WanderGuard BLUE Overview

WanderGuard BLUE and Arial nurse call pendant on a senior living resident with caregiver assisting. Securitas Healthcare.

The WanderGuard® BLUE Wander Management solution combines resident bracelets and door components with a centralized alarm management and reporting platform to help caregivers protect residents 24/7.


Striving to balance resident safety and quality of life?

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How It Works

WanderGuard BLUE is the most sophisticated—yet most simple—way to protect memory care residents against elopement risk.

The solution combines small and discreet resident bracelets and door components with streamlined design and simplified management. When a resident with a bracelet approaches a monitored door, the system alerts and the door locks when paired with optional magnetic door locks.

With advanced capabilities, WanderGuard BLUE also can function as a centralized alarm management and reporting solution. Automatically identify resident location (based on tracking supervised bracelets) with resident location clearly displayed on facility maps using the Arial® central management system. Use geofencing to create virtual boundaries that can be used to initiate alerts based on a resident’s presence and movement within the community.

WanderGuard Blue on a wrist of senior living resident on a walker. Dementia care. Securitas Healthcare.

Why WanderGuard BLUE for Wander Management?

“Securitas Healthcare’s integrated WanderGuard® BLUE and Arial® solution empowers our caregivers with better tools to care for memory care residents. Providing location of residents and geofencing makes this wander protection solution ideal.”

Securitas Healthcare technician installing a WandgerGuard Blue controller in a senior living community.